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The effect of foot massage:
Foot massage therapy through the human body each viscera at the foot of the corresponding reflecting region manipulation stimulation as a therapy. Foot massage acupuncture point can mobilize the body's internal potential, enhance the body's resistance to disease. Proper treatment of the human internal organs organ diseases, especially for some chronic diseases have a certain effect. Foot massage point cure is not divided into yin and Yang, inside and outside, cold and heat, deficiency and excess, can cure, overall conditioning, multifunctional finish in one time.

Body massage:
We have private rooms, professional services, including facials, body treatments and Aromatherapy massages that will indulge your Senses. Enjoy at No.1 Massage the benefits of fitness, health, and wellness and take complete control of your senses and your life again with our services.

Shiatsu massage:
Shiatsu originated spread Millennium acupoint therapy, it is the use of finger pressure rubbing acupuncture points and clear the meridians, to relieve fatigue, reduce pain. In recent years, has gradually by Western medicine to accept, as a unique alternative therapies. Western popular Do-in and Japanese Shiatsu massage, is to learn from the development of a branch of the essence of Chinese acupuncture therapy. Western medical studies have proven to stimulate acupuncture points to promote the body's endorphin secretion, it is a body's natural sedative, able to soothe the nerves and relieve tension. This is Shiatsu bodacious secret.

Hot stone therapy:
Hot stone therapy is the hot stone massage oils and the effective combination of a kind of beauty - the body - SPA - therapy, both are short of one cannot. For the hot stone therapy massage hot stone, through special heating, placed in the human body skin or meridians, because hot stone with the earth's energy, the function to the body local and overall system, through the deep heat conduction way thermal constantly input body, then through the reflection point point of conduction, muscle and joint has excitation regulating function. This kind of therapy more focuses on modern hairdressing health and other concepts, the combination of the latest aromatherapy oil and special massage technique, can relieve fatigue and relax nerve, supplementary energy, make you in the rack one's brains feel the beauty of the nature, all from the daily life of the tension and pressure in the process to eliminate dissolution.