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    Welcome to No.1 Massage

With the development of society, the progress of science, the continuous improvement of living standards, people face a variety of life pressure follows, it let us never fails to be in a state of intense life. How to improve and alleviate various pressure? Massage became people improve the quality of life, alleviate the preferred method of all kinds of pressure.

We will provide you with a put relaxing space, through the Chinese medicine theory as the basic technique, push, take, roll, play the role in the human body, such as the acupuncture points, main and collateral channels and organization, make you unblocked blood, balancing Yin and Yang, regulate viscera, promote metabolism, and thereby achieve physical fitness, anti-aging, the purpose of good health and longevity.

We massage area with: eight single room, double room, two couples room, two bed chair Shared rooms. The foot area with: single room, double room, three room and foot hall. For you and your friends party to provide the most comfortable and easy and comfortable leisure place.

Foot massage benefits:
Promote blood circulation, regulate ten function of various organs; strengthen the endocrine system, enhance the immunity of the organism; eliminate stress and pressure, make us relax.

The role of Chinese massage:
Chinese massage can promote the blood and lymph circulation, and accelerate the metabolism of the body, make the local blood capillary dilate: strong, blood flow to prevent heart disease and vascular disease is very good. The muscles to speed up metabolism, to achieve the purpose of beauty and fitness. In short, there are many benefits to human body massage, for healthy people, can enhance its resistance, anti-aging, the patients can rapidly improve in local symptoms, promote the functional recovery, and then adjust the whole body function has the effect of the specimen.